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Our Work
Growing a business is like a growing a child. Knowing everything about the main field of work is never enough. Market challenges and unexpected situations encourage business owners to take a step forward and try to find out every aspect that interferes, attracts or adds value to their business. By adding more knowledge to our personal experience with children medical care, we managed to help Aramis build a strong image and maintain a coherent communication, before the official launch and one year after that. We had lots of fun designing the logo, business cards, flyers, brochures, vouchers, outdoors, posters and other beautiful stationary. Also, we kept Aramis close to our hearts and minds by providing services like marketing consultancy and social media management.
  • logo and brand design
  • business cards & stationary
  • brochures & brand literature
  • posters
  • vouchers
  • client cards
  • FB page content & administration
  • OOH
  • roll-up design

Aramis is the first Pediatric Center from Suceava which aims to raise the standards of medical care provided to children.